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Massage Therapy = Food for Your Whole Self

Category: Integrative Massage Health Blog

January 19th, 2013
Massage therapy and how it relates to our body, mind and spirit on an integrative level.  This health blog is designed to share my knowledge of massage therapy and holistic techniques....
Relaxation Massage Workshop: For All Levels of Experience
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Category: Integrative Massage Health Blog

April 7th, 2013
Giving a relaxing massage is something anyone can do and the difference a relaxing massage can make on a person's well-being is beyond words.  With simple explanations and a fun environment learn the basic tips to help friends and family feel relaxed and re-energized.  The goal of the class is relaxation and for therapeutic benefits it is still important to see a registered massage therapist....
My hope is to not only share my massage treatments with you but the incredible body of support out there for your whole being.
Gabriela Menyhart, RMT