Gabriela Menyhart
June 1st, 2013

Special Happy Father's Day Blog

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A big happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  Taking care of kids is a lot of work mentally and physically so this article is dedicated to tips on taking care of your body.  

Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

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Self-Care Tips for Dads Young and Old

Whether you're in your twenties or in your eighties the basic of staying healthy are universal.  But with ever age there are gradually differences strains and injuries that are more likely then others.  Here are a few I hope will help the dad in every home.

20's - 30's

Minimise Injuries

In youth the body recovers quickly and the impact of how the injury can affect your life isn't considered.  Here are tips to help decrease your injury at 25 from giving you grief at 45.

  • Get therapy: don't ignore that sprained ankle or whiplash pain.  Problems such as scar tissue can develop or increased chances to early osteoarthritis in your joints.  Seeing a therapist can help to clear inflammation, smoothen out scar tissue and release restrictions around joints that could lead to unnecessary wear and tear between two bones rubbing each other.

  • Down time: just because your mind wants to keep doing things doesn't mean your body can right away.  If you get a mild concussion your brain is very vulnerable to further bruising from more head impacts.  You may not feel the problems in the now but it's worth considering what your problems will be down the road.

40's - 60's

Keep the Body Moving

As we get older the connective tissue that surrounds our entire body starts to tighten up, disks start to shrink and if you have a 9-5 desk job the lack of movement results in imbalances in your skeletal and visceral systems.

  • Happy Joints: moving your joints allows them to be mobile and lubricated.  Did you know being seated long hours is more pressure on your spine then standing?  Finding activities you like is the best way to keep your body moving.  Swimming is excellent because there is minimal pressure on your joints.  If you play sports like basketball/golf warm up your spine such as flexing/extending your spine so if you have a stiff joint you don't suddenly hurt yourself because the joint couldn't move when you needed it to.

  • Muscle Strengthening:   as most people know the moment you don't use your muscles they start to lose their tonicity.  Getting into the habit of having healthy muscle tone will help you keep up the lifestyle you enjoyed in your youth.  Kinesiologists and athletic therapists can help to assess what muscles need to strengthen and how most effectively.

70's - 90's

Enjoying Life

Injuries at this age can be difficult to recover from and you deserve to enjoy life instead of spending lengthy periods of time trying to regain wellness.

  • Balance: avoiding injuries is the first step and keeping a strong sense of balance is the best way to do this.  Start simple and easy.  Stand on one foot with your hand leaning for support against a wall.  Slowly start to bend your knee and come towards the ground.  Watch that your knee doesn't move farther in front then your ankle.  Repeat this 10X and then do your other foot.  This is a general exercise so assess whether this is right for you and consult with a therapist to see how you can do this exercise best for your needs.

Best Tip:
  most of the time we don't do exercises because they don't interest us.  Find something you like or something you've been meaning to try that can help keep you fit.  Whether it be joining an after hours soccer league to get keep up the cardio or road cycling to keep the leg joints loose.

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