Gabriela Menyhart
May 1st, 2013

South Cambie Secret Health Mecca

Massage Therapists, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Yoga, Spa

Harmony Wellness Centre
Harmony Wellness Centre

Every Therapy You Can Imagine

I love my work as a massage therapist and with my years of experience I am quick to tell when massage therapy is what you need or whether a different approach would be more beneficial.  The most important thing is to receive the right treatment for you and I strongly believe in making that happen by referring you to the best.

Amazingly along 16th and Heather there are tons of great health care therapies available.  Come and explore these great spots that offer both passive and more active forms of treatment!

Harmony Wellness Centre:

  At Harmony Family Wellness Centre we take a special interest in nurturing and supporting the whole family. All our practitioners have training and experience working with a wide range of disorders whether acute or chronic. We also work closely with pregnant and postpartum women as well as children. We believe that given the right tools, everyone can empower themselves to have a positive, and vibrantly healthy life.

Vancouver Pilates Centre:

We are dedicated to providing exceptional movement education in our community, honoring both the tradition and the evolution of the Pilates method to promote whole body health. Our teaching team embraces a cooperative approach to physical learning, with consistent attention and creative exploration stimulating each individual's learning process. We strive to ensure that every student is a reflection of our success, creating a safe environment for transforming the body, informing the mind, and enlivening the spirit.

Personal Best

All of the therapists at Personal Best Exercise Therapy have a passion for helping people restore function and live a pain free life. We are integrative in nature, never hesitating to include other health care providers if the client is not responding to treatment. It is this point that makes us so effective. The process that we employ is holistic in nature in that we tend to address the body as a whole unit rather than distinct units.

Chakra Wellness Centre:

  Chakra Wellness Studio is a unique and sacred space nestled in the heart of a vibrant Vancouver community. We are a holistic yoga company that specializes in private yoga, daily yoga classes, 200hr Teacher Training Certification, Thai yoga massage, chair massage, and Reiki. We offer fair trade and grassroots sustainable yoga products and are the first retailers of the We-Ar Yoga Clothing line in Canada. The teachers and practitioners at Chakra Wellness are welcoming, knowledgeable, and humble.

A Touch Above:

  Welcome to A TOUCH ABOVE, a neighbourhood beauty oasis nestled between West 16th and West 17th on Heather Street in Vancouver. We believe that looking and feeling your best should not be restricted to an annual indulgence. You deserve more!

There you go!!!  

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I am fortunate to be able to share my passion of a more holistic massage therapy that therapeutically supports people such as yourself.
Gabriela Menyhart, RMT