Gabriela Menyhart
April 18th, 2013

Self-Care Massage Products

Massage Balls

These massage balls or those similar to them are ideal for keeping up with regular self-massage to keep tight muscles loose.  The larger white ball is perfect for larger parts of the body (gluts, back) as well as a larger person.  The smaller ball is better for smaller areas (feet, shoulder) and smaller people.  

Here is a video to demonstrate how to use a massage ball.

I don't sell these products but you can find them at various fitness stores as well as an RMT Randall Friedman sells them.  Visit his site!

Foam Roll

This roll is ideal for very large areas of the body.  Perfect for getting relief for tight IT Band, quads and even rolling you back along it (be careful with your neck).  There are various products like this from higher end to cheaper, plainer rolls.

Here is a video on youtube.

This can be found at most fitness stores as well as foam shops.

More Images

Massage balls
Massage balls
Foam roll
Foam roll

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Gabriela Menyhart, RMT