Gabriela Menyhart
April 2nd, 2013

Breathing: The Key to Relaxation

How You're Breathing Wrong and How to Breath Right

Common Problem = Apical Breathing

Over the years we have learned to breath from the top of our rib cage because our nervous system becomes stuck in fight/flight mode.  Consequently that causes our neck muscles to pull our breath in and become chronically tight versus using our diaphragm muscle to draw air deep into the bottom of the rib cage.        
Imagine a bottle that fills from the neck of the bottle and then up.  That leaves the entire bottom and the middle of the bottle empty and that is what happens when you breath only from the top of your ribcage only.

Solution = Full Breath

How do I take a deep breath then?  There are two important steps.  

1) Diaphragm breath:

lie on your back and have one hand on your chest and your second hand on your stomach.  Most likely if you take a deep breath you'll feel your top hand move first and your bottom hand sink in.  Your goal is to do the opposite.  Slowly try to draw your breath down into your belly so that you feel your bottom hand rise up into the sky and your top hand stays still.  This takes time but everyone can learn how to do this.  

Video:  What Diaphragm Movement Looks Like
Video:  How to Diaphgram Breath

2) Full ribcage breath:

Once you have mastered your diaphragm breath you are now starting to fill the bottle from the bottom and now it is time to fill up towards the top of the bottle.  Move your hands to the sides of your lower rib cage.  Using this tactile information now try to breath into the sides of your lower ribcage so that your hands move outwards.  The next step is moving your hands to the middle of the rib cage and repeating the same step.  

The bottle is now filling up from the bottom and slowly rising up into the middle and then the top.  Congratulations a full, deep breath!

A Helping Hand

I'm passionate about breathing with the benefits of your entire rib cage.  There are many techniques on how to do this other then those listed above.  Feel free to book an appointment and I'll be glad to help you make a change that will improve all different areas of your life!  

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