Gabriela Menyhart
January 30th, 2013

Valentines Day Massage Therapy Special

A Vancouver Valentines Massage Gift Certificate!

Massaging isn't your thing?  A massage therapy gift certificate is the perfect solution and a thoughtful gift!   Email and request for a gift certificate and I'll have it to you fast - email, mail or pick up at Harmony Wellness Centre.

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Top 5 Relaxing Massage Tips

1)  Broad not pointy touch:

using your whole hand to gentlly stroke down over the shoulders or gently squeezing a partners neck muscles feels wonderful.  Using just fingers or thumbs are too pointy and easily cause pain.  If it helps imagine the way pizza dough is massaged and smoothened.

2) Heat:  

nothings warms up a muscle quicker then heat.  Some great ideas:  using an aromatherapy scented heat bag, soothing hot bath or experiencing an amazing infrared sauna.  This improves circulation in your muscles and makes a massage much easier to do.

3) Communication:

everybody has a different sense of what a relaxing massage feels like.  Encourage your partner to tell you what kind of pressure feels good and where the massage is most enjoyable.  It's a win win scenario.

4) Aromatherapy/oil:

scents are very unique to everyone so the very best tip is to find out what they like.  If not here are some general relaxing scents.  
Chamomile       Lavendar       Chamomile       Rosemary       Ylang ylang

There are lots of different types of oils out there.  I recommend getting one that is unscented and if you want you can get it scented the way you like at an aromatherapy store.  If it is organic make sure your partner isn't allergic too it (like Almond oil).  

5) Face, Ears, Feet:

It can be a little hard to do a massage without a table.  Really easy places to massage and very relaxing include:

Face - across the forehead and eyebrows is wonderful.  

Ears - who'd thunk it eh!  Circular massages along the lobe are pure bliss.

Feet - smooth pressure on the base of the feet as well as gentle tugs on each toe work magic.

Have fun and if you have any questions about how to give relaxing massages for others give me a shout.  

Happy, Healthy Vancouver Valentines Massage!!!

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