Gabriela Menyhart
June 10th, 2013

Muscle Energy Technique

Gentle, effective, and amazing for joint pain relief

Back pain relief
Back pain relief
As a massage therapist I am often associated with just muscles but in fact massage therapists can work on any part of the body as long as our tools are our hands.  I strongly believe in striving to be the best massage therapist possible and that includes taking holistic approach to the body and including joint assessment/treatment as well.  There are many ways of treating joints, including chiropractic, and I want to share with you my passion for muscle energy technique as my favourite way of working on joints.

What is muscle energy technique:

  • As implied by the name it is a technique that uses the strength of the muscles around the joint to release the restriction of the joint and bring the bones back into proper alignment.  

  • In muscle energy technique it is believed that the muscles around the joint are not working effectively and can't get the joint to work properly.  Some are too weak and some muscles are too strong.  

  • My job is to find which way the joint can not move and gently move you into a position to where we want the joint to move to release.  I then guide you to push in a specific direction with very little strength for a few seconds to balance the muscles around the joint.  This is repeated a couple times and then I reasses to make certain things are moving properly again.  Now the muscles are equally strong and the joint is moving as it should.

When is it right for you:

This technique is effective for many different conditions.  
  • Neck, back, pelvic injuries
  • Pre-post pregnancy
  • Muscle weakness
  • Maintenance
  • Prevent injuries during increased activity like house labour and sports
  • Uncomfortable or to sensitive for high-velocity adjustments

Experience it for yourself:

I already practice this technique in my daily work but if this is new to you and you'd like to experiencing muscle energy then I am glad to add a bonus 15min to your massage treatment for free.

Just email or call Harmony to book your next massage treatment and experience the benefits of muscle energy technique!!

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