Gabriela Menyhart
January 19th, 2013
Massage Therapy = Food for Your Whole Self
Massage Therapy = Food for Your Whole Self

Integrative Massage Therapy Blog

Body, Mind and Spirit

When most people think of massage therapy, they do so because something hurts, they are experiencing tight muscles, or they just want to relax.  But did you know that massage therapy can be so much more!

Massage therapy can help us to connect with our body, mind and spirit. This holistic process, takes on an integrative approach that includes a unique balance of western and eastern techniques.  

Sharing The Passion for Health and Well-Being

I enjoy and value sharing the sense of connection when knowledge is offered from a place of authentic kindness.  I hope to create that same atmosphere with my integrative health blog.  I bring over 7 years of experience as an RMT with training in both clinical massage therapy as well as respected integrative healing practices.  I see my role as a facilitator and to help promote a sense of empowerment in an individual's journey of healing.  This blog is designed to help share information so that you can take an active role in preventative maintenance and further your understanding of how your body-mind and spirit relate.  Enjoy!

Topics You Can Expect

* Self-care tips: stretching, how to massage tips, breath techniques and more
* Informative health articles and studies on massage, eastern techniques
* Vancouver wellness events, performances and activities

I'm excited!  There is so much to learn and share in this pathway of growth in health and well-being

Do You Have a Topic You Would Like to Learn?

Your input is invaluable so email me with your questions and help me create the best integrative massage blog.Email

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Is fear keeping you from receiving the therapeutic support your body, mind and spirit can gain from an integrative massage treatment? Your health is worth making the time for massage therapy and your improved well-being is a financial benefit worth considering.
Gabriela Menyhart, RMT