Gabriela Menyhart
Massage Therapy Expectations

What to Expect in Your Integrative Massage Treatment

Whether it is your first appointment or subsequent visit, my goal is to therapeutically support your current health conditions while gradually shifting to more proactive, preventative treatments.  

First Appointment:


  • Discuss your health history form and what brings you in for an integrative massage treatment.
  • You condition(s) will help me decide how to proceed with your assessment and any possible testing to understand how to best treat you.
  • Treatment may include therapy while dressed on the table (seated or lying down) but it is generally done draped under the sheets on top of the massage table. You will be undressed to your comfort level with only the part of the body being treated exposed.


  • Once you´re dressed, I will come back into the room to discuss how you feel after your massage treatment
  • You may receive exercises to practise at home to further treat and improve your condition(s)
                                                 3 Tips for an Excellent Massage

                      Communicate: Don't feel shy to give input or ask questions.
                      Hot/Cold: After a treatment apply heat &/or cold to maximise your relief.
                      Move: Gently move your body and explore your new mobility to maximize your treatment.

Subsequent Appointments:

The format will be much like your first appointment including a brief assessment period to assess your current needs followed by treatment.
  • Ideally an hour is best but shorter treatment sessions can be discussed to suit your needs
  • Less time will be spent discussing your health history and assessment time may very depending on your state of being that day

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