Gabriela Menyhart
Transitional Support Massage Therapy

Transitional Support - Everyone Deserves Help in Times of Need

Now more then ever doctors are recommending holistic care such as Integrative Massage to address and find relief from stress, anxiety and depression caused by major life changes.

Through my years as an RMT, I´ve been constantly touched and amazed at how people have handled and grown from transitional, at times extremely difficult, periods in their lives. Witnessing massage therapy become a critical foundation within their support system has been an important part of my work as well as a constant source of inspiration.

Who Can Benefit from Regular Massage Treatments

Anyone can benefit from the support provided by a massage treatment.
  • Pregnant women or new parents
  • Experiencing change in your career or home
  • Experiencing a change in important relationships such as divorce, or loss of a friend or family member
  • Experiencing a personal growth crisis
  • Going through a change in sexuality
  • Experiencing a health scare? Are you or a friend/family going through major illnesses/injuries

What impresses me most about Gabriela so much is her obvious immense knowledge of her craft and her ability to keep abreast of the changes in her field. She is not only willing to do what´s best for her clients but also very adept at treating the issue at hand.
DC ~ Injury and Illness Recovery Massage Therapy client

What Can Be Treated

Any major change, even positive change, is stressful. We all handle stress differently but learning to manage stress is a vital part of your health and happiness. Life transitions and stress cause:
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor energy
  • Tight muscles, headaches, back and neck pain

Integrative Massage Therapy helps to ease these problems by tackling the stress head on. Although I can´t help you with what is causing the stress, I can help make it go away for a while!

Ready to kick your stress to the curb? Contact me today and find the support you need through this stressful life transition!

Still not sure? Visit the Frequently Asked Question page for more information on massage therapy or learn What to Expect from your first appointment.

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