Gabriela Menyhart
Injury and Illness Recovery Massage Therapy

Injury and Illness Recovery = Right Back on Track

Trauma to the body can happen in many ways and it can affect a person not only on a physical level but an emotional one as well. I find the most effective means of helping you return to a healthy and pain free body while regaining your freedom in movement, is listening to the body on an intuitive and orthopaedic premise.  

By allowing your body to be the guide to where I focus and treat, I use a mix of techniques that help facilitate the body´s own healing abilities.

What impresses me most about Gabriela so much is her obvious immense knowledge of her craft and her ability to keep abreast of the changes in her field. She is not only willing to do what´s best for her clients but also very adept at treating the issue at hand.
DC ~ Injury and Illness Recovery Massage Therapy client

Who Can Benefit from Regular Massage Treatments?

It may be easier to ask who doesn´t benefit from regular Interactive Massage Treatments! Massage is an excellent way to help lessen pain, increase movement and relax tired and injured muscles.

Are you suffering or recovering from:
  • Post-surgical scar tissue release
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Physical accident
  • Cancer treatment
  • Mental illness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Many other chronic conditions

How Does it Work?

Massage therapy works directly to release, relax and rejuvenate damaged tissue including:
  • Releasing restrictive myofascial scar tissue
  • Returning joint mobility to allow for freedom in movement and relief of pain and stress on the nervous system
  • Stretching to improve overall muscle movement and to decrease joint pressure
  • Removing restrictions on the nervous system in the spine and peripheral nerves in the limbs
Take control of your treatment and live your life on your terms once again. Contact me today and find the support you need through your recovery!

Still not sure? Visit the Frequently Asked Question page for more information on massage therapy or learn What to Expect from your first appointment.

Is fear keeping you from receiving the therapeutic support your body, mind and spirit can gain from an integrative massage treatment? Your health is worth making the time for massage therapy and your improved well-being is a financial benefit worth considering.
Gabriela Menyhart, RMT