Gabriela Menyhart

General Maintenance and Well-being Massage Therapy - Relief for the Past, Present and Future

Do you enjoy taking an active role in your health or do you wish to make your health a priority in your life? Do you desire therapeutic support to help you reach and maintain your goals for a healthier you?

I have clients from all walks of life who come for a variety of health reasons because they desire an integrative holistic approach to massage therapy. Why? By integrating the benefits of modern western clinical training with the wisdom of eastern modalities, I am able to create the best treatment suited for meeting your needs for improved physical and emotional health and well-being.

Integrative Massage Therapy

Is Integrative Massage Therapy for You?

Not sure if you will benefit from receiving a Maintenance and Well-being Massage Treatment? Are you healthy and fit as well as injury and illness free? This means you have never considered the added benefit of massage therapy to your overall good health.

General Maintenance and Well-being Massage Therapy addresses current or potential health ailments that take away from your sense of energy, vitality and mobility.

Who can benefit from Regular Massage Treatments?

  • At work - office employees, teachers, people in the labour force, medical professionals and care workers, landscapers, mail-carriers, animal health care workers, truck drivers
  • At Home - parents, retirees, students
  • In your free time - runners, weight lifters, sailors, gardeners, weekend warriors
What impresses me most about Gabriela so much is her obvious immense knowledge of her craft and her ability to keep abreast of the changes in her field. She is not only willing to do what´s best for her clients but also very adept at treating the issue at hand.
DC ~ Injury and Illness Recovery Massage Therapy client

What is Integrative Massage Therapy and how does it Work?

Whether sitting still constantly looking at a computer screen or carrying out repetitive physical labour, the strains people endure take a toll on their body, mind and spirit.  

Here are examples of how massage therapy can help you find relief:
  • Healthy mobile joints and muscles: help you keep physically active, release stiffness and pain in the neck and back, prevent headaches and repetitive strain injuries such as rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Emotional and energetic balance: decrease emotional and physical stress, improve focus and energy, increase self-awareness and skills to aid in your own restorative care, provide a chance to re-energize and take time for yourself
  • Relief from symptomatic problems in digestive and cardiovascular systems: irritable bowel syndrome, bronchitis, sinusitis
Ready to get started with your program of General Maintenance and Well-being Massage Treatments? Contact me today to book your free 15 minute consultation and let´s get you back on the road to balance and your best life!

Not sure if this is quite the right treatment for you?

Still not sure? Visit the Frequently Asked Question page for more information on massage therapy or learn What to Expect from your first appointment.

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