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Harmony Wellness Centre
# 678 Leg in Boot Square, Vancouver

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Phone:   604-737-7721


Have Questions: Feel free to call or email me and I will respond back to you as promptly as I can.

Booking Your Appointment: Clearly request for Gabriela Menyhart massage therapist because the acupuncturist is called Gabrielle.


Wed: 10 - 7   Thu: 10-7    Fri: 10- 7   Sat: 9 - 4
*including most public holidays.


Public Transit: Information to be provided promptly.


Directions & Parking:

1) Turn off of 6th avenue onto Moberly road and as the road curls to the left you will pass Market Hill road that leads to Leg In Boot Square.  Market Hill road is only for pedestrians and it is easy to miss.  Market Hill road is before the point in which Moberly road forks and you will spot two yellow barriers right in front of the road.  Walk down Market Hill and as you reach the square you will spot Harmony Wellness Centre on your left.

2) Free Parking: There are patches of 2hr parking on the north side of Moberly Road.  If you drive further down Moberly road you will see that it reaches a fork and you will want to take the road to the right called Commodore Road.  On the north side there is plenty of 2 hr parking.

3) Paid Parking:  On the south side of Moberly road you will find paid parking.  It is only one dollar an hour and payments include credit card and cash.  

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